Tennis Changes

Even before the new season of the 2009 Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has developed and started to implement a new marketing strategy. And one of its constituent parts has become a powerful advertising campaign, launched in last year. It was introduced by external attributes as the original and colorful posters with images of the best players. A regularly updated printed materials accompany the various promotions – and charity action involving the players. Redesigned and the official site of ATP: he gave the more impressive, and even in some kind of space that underlies the global changes taking place in the men's tennis. Changed itself Athletes of lower rank? First of all: an updated and simplified rating, as well as a modified calendar of tennis tournaments. All this caused a fair criticism in the past, perhaps there are flaws in the future. But the main thing that could make a tennis functionaries – to preserve, in a crisis, a stable financial situation.

And, despite the forced reduction in contributions from tournaments, to keep the same level, prize paid to players. Nevertheless, male professional tennis and its megastar, alas, will not remain aloof from global economic upheavals. Reduction in income-known global brands will inevitably lead a review of sponsorship deals, of course, in the direction of decreasing deductions, and tennis players and tournament organizers. As you know, the lion's share of their considerable fees leading players receive, it is from transnational corporations, trapped now in a very difficult situation. But if the "top" tennis players will be forced to, just, moderate financial appetites, without seriously compromising their quality of life and sports training, the lower-level players will have much harder. Already, those who are outside the top hundred rankings, have big problems with the balance of income / expenditure and difficulty attracting sponsors. A, Further, these processes will lead to increased competition, because players who are not able to achieve better results, very soon find it necessary to leave professional tennis.