The Importance Of A New Day

Every dawn brings in its wake a new day of life. And with the same routine as always: Sleeping, showering, dressing, going out, coffee in the morning, etc. Then, go to work, solve problems, deal with people, the bustle of hours, go home, reconnect with loved ones, sleep, live or die. Who knows. I'm particularly tired of "seeing" is always the same things and do not understand the power and excitement of being human. Must be at what I do. Well this makes my soul suffered fatigue buildup, that it violates, and sometimes will not let me fulfill my sacred duties.

Taking me in fact, until the limits of an absurd misunderstanding. So one day I decided to rebel and declare the absolute disobedience, he wished to see the world differently. From the previous night had begun to plot my conspiracy against the universal laws, leaving off the clock on time and sharp decline. Also, I dedicated myself to do the reading of another book I always wanted to read and not the book of life. So that night, I slept without revealing information that make me as he was accustomed, so that there was no doubt to my determination in wanting to do my particular job disobedience. But then, it happened at dawn, I saw my body flew through a window, and if it was a dream, but notice something that I had not even yet seen. Then to go flying, I saw clearly the tops of the trees, birds in flight, the path that is between the homes of a neighborhood, where a group of children was on her way to school, some holding hands by their mothers and hurried step, because apparently they were late.