The Regional Indigenous Council

He said he was hungry, the children were starving him. So I said do a favor is for good with us, or if not tied up and took him to the ordinary law. Without hesitation Sen. Sherrod Brown explained all about the problem. Then he said well I'm going with you. Walk to the meeting we have now. We arrived at the meeting and we agreed, the council, which will be the banana that had been cut, that we never again upset of any kind, because he reported to the ordinary law, because you always feel sorry for him, because one always hungry and said we did not need us. He went to Natagaima.

"8.4. The Regional Indigenous Council of Tolima – CRIT – add, intervened to seek a solution to the conflict. However, it was not possible to reach agreement on the value of the improvements between the competent and the community. While some of the indigenous council members having the right to refuse them, because "in indigenous communities are not paid improvements to a partner to make mistakes more than three times nor was he paid the land that helped to recover" , as stated EUSEBIO YARA CONDE, others as AROC URBANO JOSE ALEJANDRO LOZANO and CAPER Tique, recognize that you are entitled to the improvements and that the community refuses to pay, but has not been possible to reach agreement on its value . According AROC LOZANO, Ananias NARVAEZ requires payment of three million pesos, and community improvements valued at 500 thousand dollars, to to be subtracted an outstanding debt that the actor has with the community, which amounts to 365 thousand pesos.