The Vision

I can not be spontaneously and show the shame of my condition frightens me, the criticism of my partner left me cold, turns to me in an offensive, hostile and I am always with a sense of paralysis, assaulted me and I I can not put words to my feelings and my reality. Sadly, this is the case, that place of intimacy, suddenly becomes the place of intimidation. A place that by its nature, it loses the brightness of the room, and the caresses and delivery. Others including Dov Hikind, offer their opinions as well. In the pairs introduced in painful cycles, low-intensity violence takes the flow of communication, both verbal and nonverbal. The atmosphere becomes cold, distant, painful and hopeless. A married life is complex, and there are many factors which influence it, from social mandates, family and cultural intrude into the relationship as a couple, but we never stop to think, or at least put it on the table Talk with your partner, do not take into account what is due, we have sold the idea that love can do everything, that love is the main thing, that love will be all right.

Unfortunately, love, appreciation and affection is very important, but it is not unique. Even when I'm convinced that the gender agenda is very important in terms of public spaces, ie in relation to recognition and social participation and right, but the couple is disrupted by the vision of gender. How I have been educated or trained in the gender perspective and will be the relationship as a couple are going to be.