Trusting the President

As is the situation of our president, a situation without words and only vague suggestions, there has been no word that can give us the confidence to trust him, to protect our country with great effort, great men like (Duarte, Sanchez and Mella) constructed. These predatory politicians of this country are a disgrace to our patriots who took to and fought to protect a free and freely. And they know nothing of freedom free speech is to say the least, and peace and quiet of having the PN is a strength is not very helpful in our country by giving a bad service and why? For there is enough payment for such work and here in this country is all based on the (money) as I said in previous chapters here money move mountains but not in another country. Politicians in this country are a fraud that are sold and bought and they are all rivals but when it comes to money, everything will hang club and nothing more is just money. Why money is so strong in this country for this? Because of the high cost of living that exist in the Dominican Republic. And you know something this is all a fraud to public doctors to work have to strike the government that are not paid and last to weeks of strikes to get paid, and the sick in the hospital dying because the government that not paid. And if that were not as much about public employees, I believe that we should not go on strike to bill the government. This mismanagement of power in this country is out of control.