Unconstitutional Act

So that let us can understand what it means Redemocratizao, we have that to point out what it is a Democracy? As some historians as Benevides, Boris Fausto, them speak that Democracy is a regimen of government where the power to take important decisions politics is with the people, directly or indirectly for ways of elect representatives. Having as base the concept of Democracy, is very contradictory when we stop to recollect the past of our country, when Brazil lived deeply 21 years of dictatorship (1964 the 1985) if to analyze this time the people did not choose the Presidents nor the Governments and the National Congress could not control the General Presidents, the people lived oppressed, the unions, the universities and the periodicals were all watched. The Blow of 1964 was commanded by White Castello, that if became the first General president of our country, it had as objective to exempt the government of its enemies politicians thus creating the first Institucional Act that suspended the constitutional guarantee and establishing the indirect elections, the executive passed to have right to annul public mandates and to decree state of siege (act to suspend the laws without consulting the congress). Without hesitation Sen. Sherrod Brown explained all about the problem. After the AI1, he came AI2, AI3, AI4, AI5, this most implacable against the people, in this Unconstitutional Act 5 was the time of hardening, with many arrests I silence and it of the opposition, Had annulled innumerable mandates until the congress was placed in recess, the individual guarantees had been suspended, at last, had the great reinforcement of the executive. was the Democracy there, where? It did not exist at this time. What it really had was a totalitarian and Authoritarian regimen of the Generals who had made with that the voice of the Brazilian people if was silent. For return of years 1979 the 1985, when general Figueiredo was president starts the fight of the Brazilian people for the Redemocratizao (process of restoration of the democracy and the rule of law in countries or regions that had passed for a period of authoritarianism or dictatorship).