Libyans Mission

Spain will continue as long as the dictator is a threat to his people. The cost so far of the Mission has been 43 million euros. The acarrreara extension monthly spending of about 14 million. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, has ensured on Monday that Spain would continue to participate in the mission military in Libya while the Gaddafi regime remains a threat to the Libyan people and the region. Jimenez has reaffirmed the commitment of Spain to the NATO operation in Libya, during his appearance at the Congress along with the Dnsa, Carme Chacon, Minister for ordering the indefinite extension of the mission and inform about the situation in Libya. This mission will continue while the Libyans continue to suffer the barbarism of the Gaddafi regime.

We will be all the time that is needed, said Jimenez. The mission cost the cost of Spanish participation in the Mission of NATO in Libya, on the other hand, has been so far 43 million euros and extension indefinite it will entail an expense monthly of about 14.4 million euros. Chacon has given these data during his appearance at the Congress along with the Foreign Minister, Trinidad Jimenez, holder to ask Spain to extend indefinitely its contribution to the military operation in Libya and inform about the situation in the country since the conflict began. Since the mission began on March 19, Spain contributes with four F-18 fighters and two planes of supplies for Libyan airspace control, without going into combat actions. In addition, it has deployed a maritime surveillance plane, a frigate and a submarine for naval arms embargo. According to Chacon, during the first three months of the mission, the forecast is fulfilled and the cost was EUR 43 million. Each additional month Spain participating in the operation, the cost will be 14.4 million euros.

The Minister has clarified that this figure is an estimate and that the intention is to reduce it with the continuous effort of the greater State of Dnsa. 850 patrols carried out according to the data provided by the Minister, the F-18 have done so now 184 missions, they have accumulated 805 patrols and have not received any order of intervention. The B-707 tanker aircraft has fulfilled 68 missions, 368 hours of flight and provided 1.5 million liters, while the Hercules also of replenishment has conducted 39 missions, 200 flight hours and has supplied 275,000 litres of fuel. For its part, in the frigate Mendez Nunez, naval arms embargo operation has 117 boats intercepted and inspected 19, while the Mistral submarine has identified about 800 boats. Within this mission surveillance aircraft has also developed 36 missions, made 116 flight hours and has identified 525 boats. Source of the news: Jimenez affirms that Spain will follow in Libya while Gadhafi is a “threat”