Urban Development Code

Currently is not elaborated in the legislation because it does not specify who should determine the fact of the inadequacy of existing regulatory requirements established by the project. It seems that customer, even those with considerable experience in construction activities may still not have a sufficient level of knowledge to determine whether such a fact and it does not have an interest in large orders of project documentation, compared with the standard. On the other hand, project organization, in essence, should not impose an additional volume of their services. Thus, the question remains open up its proper decision by the legislator. 2) if the requirements for reliability and security, in principle, are not set by regulatory and technical documents. At present, this situation is quite realistic in light of the incomplete formation of technical documentation in accordance with Federal law "On technical regulation" of 27.12.2002 184-FZ (as amended on 01.12.2007). In accordance with paragraph 3 of the Order in Depending on the degree of security of the planned construction of an object existing legal provisions to address the customer (the investor) tsa may be developed in three types: 1) tsa for particularly hazardous, technically complex and unique objects (Article 48.1. Urban Development Code), as well as other objects, which is insufficient for the design requirements for reliability and security established by regulatory technical documents, 2) tsa in respect of all facilities designed, constructed or operated in areas with high seismic activity (more than 9 points) – in order to ensure earthquake safety, 3) tsa with regard to ensuring Fire safety at the facilities.