New York Statue

It was a complex system of thin iron rods that serve as a support for glass walls. Nevertheless, to assemble and disassemble it was not difficult. Crystal Palace a year later was moved to Sydenham Hill, for a long time there were sports competitions and concerts. Unfortunately, in 1936 a fire destroyed a unique structure.

No less a sensation was the erection of the 300-meter Eiffel Tower in Paris. Today, any coach tour includes a visit to the attractions. However, in the beginning of construction of the majority of citizens were opposed to the future character of France. Even after twenty years from the date of opening of the tower Government intended to demolish it, and the creator of the future character French capital – Alexander Gustave Eiffel – even accused of lack of taste. Paris pandemonium is fair to note that the tower was not the first “metal” project engineer. Alexander Eiffel participated in the creation of no less famous project – developed the steel skeleton of the New York Statue of Liberty.

The idea is to build a 300-meter long iron design, it caught fire before the start of its construction, and a platform for construction of the century nearly became Barcelona. True, the Spanish government, counting the costs of bringing about such a landmark, and questioning how it will be reliable, responded Eiffel categorical refusal. But Alexander has not changed his idea. V1889 year marks one hundred years since the French Revolution, and on this occasion, the French government has announced a contest among engineers and architects, the main prize was become a grant that will make a competitive project to life.