Gamsakhurdia Overthrow

And not without surprise, observed that while other republics in the majority more or less discreetly watched the disturbing events in splitting a huge state of Georgia too prolonged bursts of gunfire, killed people, dressed in mourning clothes mother and sister. And all because of that came from the streets of arrogant political radicals urgently demanded independence. Not shrinking at the same marginal outbursts against Moscow and its the same company, late, alas, recognizing the deep essence of pernicious nationalist extremist movement. AND without regard to reality, with the interests and destinies of the peoples living in the autonomous regions, or, say, a long-standing propensity to Abkhaz independence. As if on arms was taken motto: "At least – care, maximum – madness! ". What of all this happened, is widely known.

August 14, 2009, a week after the first anniversary of the start of the second bloodiest war in South Ossetia, Eduard Shevardnadze again declared that he had committed a fatal error when the person did not go in August 1992 in Sukhumi to discuss with the head of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba Sun joint measures to protect the railroad from the saboteurs, Zviadists, looted after the overthrow of the train Gamsakhurdia, in revenge of the State Council headed Shevardnadze. The leader of the paramilitary group ("expeditionary force") was a member of the Tengiz Kitovani HS, General, eight months before the fire led the House government and the overthrow of Gamsakhurdia. Instead of trains began a military confrontation, aggravated after the first collision.