Accounting Server

And looked at our: Drawn by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the first citizens of the heads viewed the contents of our cabinets. Further details can be found at Richard Blumenthal, an internet resource. And then, apparently, wanted to conduct a more detailed study – otherwise how to explain that they have seized the license key protection "1C: Accounting"? However, the investigators themselves to explain something abandoned – like the fact of withdrawal and to put in your report. "This is not required" – was their response. After some time, their curiosity has spread so far that they decided together to take with them and our server – we are hardly persuaded them. What moved these people? Maybe they were alarmed by the inscription "Yukon" for our door? Indeed – strange some name of our company: to change one letter – and the right Yukos some work! And maybe somewhere in the police environment is a sign of this: to conduct search – certainly capture the server. This fortunately, they say Or is still a curiosity: it is necessary, you know, in the office of a strange Satan-Bayda, how it works – is unclear. Why not take the test? In favor of the latest version of indirectly indicates at least the way in which our valiant Pinkerton this Satan-Baida on the network disconnect. Protecting data properly disconnect – that, you know, for IT-specialists and other namby-pamby. In our experience, the Russian Opera just yank the cord from the outlet – and all. As a result, a server, of course, goes down, the database flies off to nowhere and there are plenty of different troubles – but who cares? We even know about that us to say this would be a citizen of Sokolov and his colleagues Mike and bone.