Secondary Housing Benefits

To get a modern and spacious apartment you have to invest another tidy sum for redevelopment, if at all possible, to the extent that you necessary. Older communication Another disadvantage of the secondary housing is worn communication. Even if you're in an apartment make a good repair, put new plumbing and heating system, electrical wiring, may happen so that you flood a neighbor above or you can sit without water because of rusty pipes in the basement. And, of course, the state of basements, yards and driveways can be far from ideal. Most "family tree" When you buy housing secondary market should always check the "purity" of housing. If you do not you may face an unpleasant situation, when you buy an apartment will challenge appeared heir or "offended" relative.

A visit to various courts and courts of occupation is not the most pleasant. In order to avoid such a situation it is necessary to consult specialists who can verify the "pedigree" second home, or simply purchase flats. His house in the city. Benefits In recent decades in developed countries from their homes has become increasingly popular and there are several reasons. Once your house main advantage his home – a feeling the full owner. You – his own man. You do not have any neighbors above or below. This way, features of the house and buildings from apartments and b / y. You are free to plan the placement of buildings, to redevelop the building, without fear that someone does not like.