Properties Of Bank Deposits And How To Use Them

Original article, with detailed pictures and descriptions can be found in the blog 'My ruble – a blog about personal finance and the efficient management of the family budget' With this post I begin a series of publications on bank deposits. My experience is you are interesting not only because I have not the first place their funds in bank deposits, but some time spent in the bank. I'll start with the general characteristics of the deposits. Deposit (bank contribution) – is the amount of money placed in a bank depositor for a definite or indefinite period. Placements with the bank uses as working capital, which go to make a profit. Regardless of result of the use of these funds, the bank pays the investor a premium in the form of interest.

During the crisis is the surest way of investment of personal funds. Almost all major banks are members government deposit insurance (, which guarantees to depositors of these banks reimbursement of deposits to 700 thousand rubles, if this bank had problems that prevent self-pay depositor owed him money. Deficiency of liquidity was the root cause of the crisis. Banks are taking serious measures in order to attract funds from abroad. One of the measures is to increase interest rates the entire line of their deposits. Banks are beginning to advertise their deposits, attracting funds from ordinary people. Since during a crisis to take more money they have no place. By placing the money in the bank, you are guaranteed to get your income.