Educational Politics

Appeared Maria of S* SUMMARY: The present work looks for to point out the Brazilian current politics with respect to education, specifically in last the four years, citing some programs that are being significant, therefore comes presenting resulted positive. Words? key: Politics; Education; Programs INTRODUCTION me the quality in the Brazilian education suffers many critical ones, however in last the time, the federal government comes sufficiently investing in educative public politics, through educational projects and programs to try to cure this problem. In such a way, it is needed to observe as it comes occurring, being treated educational the public politics. Some of these projects and programs are being cited in this text, observe that very still it needs to be fact, but search immediate and necessary the alternatives. BRAZILIAN EDUCATIONAL POLITICS In phase of many global events, mainly as for the technological advance and the necessities of social inclusion, they had been needed to organize educative politics that could take care of to the inherent yearnings to the attendance of the especificidades of our reality. During many years ' ' models of educao' ' , that is, the educational programs that if applied in our country, were copied of developed countries, as: France, Germany, United States, etc. that for having brought resulted positive to these countries, thought that here also it could be in the same way, for in such a way, did not take in consideration the especificidades of each region, and they did not ripen the idea before its application. Today, one perceives that to have an adequate and efficient education, are needed to organize politics directed toward the reality in a social context, taking in consideration the cultural diversity and searching the inclusion of all in the educative process. In the context of Brazilian landmarks legal, the right to the education is guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, National Plan of Education, Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education, among others.