Brazil: Contests

The second part has as subject the writing in the vestibular contests, in this chapter the author approaches subjects as the errors more frequent than vestibulando commits and with this it brings basic reminders so that not comet the same error and, then after, brings an election of subjects that had been frequent in the vestibular contests in Brazil, perpassando for general instruments that make with that the candidate takes care with the elaboration and the conclusion of the writing proposals in the vestibular contests. In the third part, Mazzarotto in them brings some examples of pertaining to school, commercial and official Writing, leaving of the commercial letters to the rules of these, as well as the Act, To circulate, Certificate, Contract, Memorandum, Administrative order, Power of attorney, Receipt, Report, Resume, passing for Presentation and official Writing as the Craft, Petition, Decree Forwarding, Auto, Acknowledgment, Act, Sentence, Bulletin, Official notice, Proclamation, run Leaf and Would carry. All this makes with that its material was complete in the question literal production, mainly for the areas that it moves with written production. The fourth part has as subject Interpretation of texts, in this chapter Davi author Days of Camargo approaches subjects as the literal scienter focando the logical direction and the symbolic direction words, that is, demonstrates with an uneven clarity the polissemia that the words have contained in the text and for this it foca the study of the denotation and connotation to them that are recurrent in the written production. With the same tenacity the author makes literal comparisons with the degree of understanding of the texts for what we call Figures of Language and that each one of them if discloses an alive flame of scienter and complexity for the not reading vendados eyes of and illiterate ones. In the last chapter Ana Maria Herrera Soares in them it presents a practical writing Guide, in this part objective to develop with the guide conditions so that the pupil or the student can develop necessary abilities to write with clarity, fluidity and originalidade a text, at least, creative where it can base coherently in the norms of morfossintaxe, with this it brings a sub-area with the subject Specifications, here all type of doubts that the people have when writing in relation to some expressions and even though with the direction is boarded that some words are ece of fishes in the text. Concluding the part of the guide it produces a vocabulary with all much more easy and simple the words that cause difficulty to write, thus becoming the consultation of the material, and soon after she mounts a notebook of activities with questions that had been placed in the vestibular contests that had been applied in Brazil. With all this material is very precious for that they like to produce a text and does not have security to write. The Writing Manual is an excellent workmanship for the students of a general form, however, the guide is appropriate for the students of all the areas, specifically for the areas of Licenciatura (Letters, Pedagogia and etc.) and Bacharelado (Accounting, Administration and etc.), since the manual brings reflection the competent analysis for this study of written production.