The Ordered Husband To Die

Creumir War the ORDERED HUSBAND TO DIE I arrived the Judicial district to take ownership of the position of attorney general in full guideline of jury. Analyzing the process I see that the reverse speed of the following judgment was a woman, defendant to order to kill the husband. One of the witnesses was a saint mother, of Colatina, that long ago had been consulted for the reverse speed. The woman wanted to put in charge the mother of saint to make a forwarding that botasse end in the life of its husband. Vidente consulted its letters and its Bzios, charged for the service, but it spoke for the customer whom beyond it ordered to say that it did not have vacant for its I legitimize husband, being recommendable that it waited a little more. Not satisfied with the reply, the defendant contracted two cheap gunmen (cheap the times leave expensive) to give a skill to provide the vacant in from above floor for the spouse, with the had agilizao of the procedure.

As payment for the services the contractor gave contracted to an old stove of four mouths and a used refrigerator. The men, sailors of first trip, if had seted of cartucheiras rifles they had been to tocaiar the husband who was with the ordered death. The victim comes tranquilamente mounted in its motoca when she is whitened by detonations of the rifles. The ammunition, lead and powder, if spread and make right the body of the citizen who would have to meet with Is Peter is of hour. The wounds had not been fatal, having the victim if reestablished, for sadness of the woman, I believed.

Guilty confessos. In the judgment the judge capsizes for me and asks if I had I testify to hear in plenary assembly, what I answered negative. The defense goes to inquire witnesses? The lawyer answered: yes, excellency.