ADS Notarized

The necessary documents to the expedition of the Ambient License Only, they are described to follow: Petition standard model SEMA; Notarized Social contract, CNPJ and State Registration, if legal entity or, Notarized CPF and RG, if natural person; Voucher of Notarized Address; Notarized Public power of attorney; Notarized CPF and RG of the legal representative: Text certificate Entire of the Notary’s office of Real estate record with up to 30 days of emitted or writing of purchase and sales, certificate of filiation or test of Joust Ownership folloied of the protocol of Agrarian Regularization of the competent agency; Letter Image in digital and analogical format, with the areas of the property (ARL, APP, AAPD, ADS, APRT, etc.) as norms techniques established for the SEMA; Notation of the Responsibility Technique? ART, duly filled, with the correct description of the carried through works technician; I register in cadastre Technician; Voucher of collect of the tax of analysis of the Ambient Licensing of Country property; Croquis of access to the property, from the next municipal headquarters; Croquis of access to the APPD, when it will be the case; Publications; Plan of forest exploration, when to request deforestation authorization; Plan of recovery of degraded area, when it will have degraded area. Check List in the protocol: the team of the protocol leads the daily pay-analysis to confer the minimum requirements of the licensing proposal and the coherence of the parts techniques and documents, and a time this evidenced, these will be systemize by means of formalizao of a process, with this generating a protocol number. Legal analysis in the CCP: the legal analysis consists of validating the documentary parts and comment of the fulfilment of the legislation in validity; COGEO: Responsible department for the analysis of the maps through the images of presented satellite, counts on aid of geotecnologias as remote sensoriamento and system of geographic information. .