Brazilian Civilization

A professional reaches recognition, from the benefits that the society gave, created an image that values its proper classroom, and, it finishes for constructing to a professional moral patrimony and a corporate assets of the classroom. Nobody must renounce the right to defend a name ‘ ‘ Is to have ethical to protect a name profissional’ ‘ According to S (2001. p. If you have read about Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 150): The profession does not have to be a way, to gain the life, but only to earn for the life that it provides, representing a faith intention. Its duties, in this meaning, are not spontaneous impositions, but wills.

This demands, therefore, that the election of the profession pass for the vocation, for the love what it becomes as essential condition of an option. (S, p 151) it affirms that: To be unaware of, however, as to carry through the task or to only know to make it partially, in face of the totality of the demandable one for effectiveness, is behavior that wounds to the rules of the doctrine of the moral (ethical). A malfeito work can cause serious disasters. If the work will not be executed with professionalism and ability, also commits an ethical infraction, occurring recklessness. As for example: If an accepted auditor to give one to seem on a great number of companies, but that he cannot follow and supervise all directly the works runs the risk to certify situations contrary the truth. Novelist may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The knowledge, is not only the accumulation of theories, or experiences, but also the full domain above all what it is enclosed by the task that if finds under the direct responsibility of a professional.

To this respect (S. 2001 p.174) ‘ ‘ … The ethical laws are not constructed to the flavor of particular environments, nor of the empirical consensuses, but of the universality of the behavior volvida human being to bem’ ‘ In accordance with Ccero, cited for S (2001, p 150). To if relating the importance of the duties, Ccero cites the case of a lawyer who, having promised to defend somebody in a cause, necessary if making its presence in the court, had, in the same day, a seriously ill son; it placed the commitment with the son above of the presence in the court and found such position justifiable, ahead of the hierarchy of the commitments and the curse of the abandonment of a direct descent, forsaken. Second (S 2001, p.175) it affirms: Professional basic virtues are those indispensable, without which the accomplishment of a competent ethical exercise is not obtained, whichever to the nature of the service given in the general beneficial interaction.