Carnegie Moscow Center

Immutable is the only first class, some individuals who only occasionally, as a result of backroom games that have become outcasts of the system, in general, "the raven crow eye vyklyuet." Of course, the relationship between the existing classes of conflict and a similar system may exist now only in full closed political structure. The system can not provide even a relatively modest living conditions for the other two classes, so she was forced "fenced" from the rest, while outwardly showing some ostensible concerns seriously which does not recognize anyone, even themselves. According to the majority of the bourgeois ideologists, with the development of a democratic society, the processes of awareness that we are forced to share one space with people we do not know and do not want to know with whom we disagree and that we do not want to talk, but that just as we are trying to extend its rules, its principles, its own protective mechanisms for those space, which we thought until recently only by their own will find their development (Sam Greene, an American political scientist, journalist, deputy director of the Carnegie Moscow Center). That is, the contradictions between classes, not necessarily develop into antagonistic and current events will be evolutionary in nature. Such an assumption is based on the fact that in the developed West, working loyally belong to the class of exploiters, while keeping silent about the fact that in these countries, to the relative stabilization processes in the society, the ruling classes have significant, often artificially, to maintain acceptable living standards, through the exploitation of the peoples of their best.