Communist Party

At the National Conference KBRO Communist Party has been completely ignored by the delegation nalchkskogo City Committee. Its members simply did not give the word. 12 delegates from the municipal committee in protest then left the courtroom. Doubt the legitimacy of the election of a large number of delegates from the districts. Unnecessary mandates on participate in the conference, according to speakers at this press conference, given the people personally devoted Zairat Shikhaliyev. There is no transparency in the use of funds received from the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the election campaign: parliamentary and presidential elections.

It is unclear who owns, such as passenger cars were purchased in order to campaign in areas of the country during election campaigns. Those engaged in election agitation, no money had been paid the promised amount. This has negatively affected not only by Republican electoral results, but also for himself the image of the Communist Party KBRO. So much so, that some of the younger members of the party wanted to burn their parbilety, seeing how the communist ideals put into practice in reality. On the first secretary of the Communist Party City Committee Nalchik Basil Kryukov organized persecution for his principled stand. Decision of the Bureau of republican committee, he was dismissed as first secretary of the city committee of the Communist Party. However, the city committee of the Communist Party re-elected comrade Kryukov for the post. Then, on the republican committee office announced the dissolution of the city committee of the Communist Party and KBRO exclusion Basil Kryukov from the ranks of the Communist Party.

Zairat Shikhaliyev sent letters to the CTA with a request to turn off the phones in the premises of the city committee Communist Party. (Well, about the importance of communication even Lenin said – Ed.). Nalchik KBRO Committee Communist Party has repeatedly sent letters about the situation in the Central Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov himself in the newspapers "Pravda", "Soviet Russia". But the response had been received. Responding to questions from journalists, Vasily Kryukov, was also present at press conference, said that the Communist Party City Committee had fundamental differences with the republican committee. For example, urban Communists believed that the present opposition party. And must firmly stand our position. But reaches Ridiculous, when the banners and posters that are going to get representatives of the Communist Party during the May and November demonstration at Government House approved the CBD, or, for example, the Bureau of republican committee included people who, like it turned out, was simultaneously a member of the party "United Russia". All this adversely affects the influx of new supporters of the Communist Party in the republic. First Secretary of Communist Party offices KBRO university district of Nalchik, in his emotional speech offered once again appeal to the Central Committee of the Communist Party demanding the expulsion from the party itself Zairat Shikhaliyev, the abolition of unlawful expulsion from the party Basil Kryukov and drug dissolution Nalchik City Committee of the Communist Party, the convening of the new Republican report-inaugural conference Communist Party. In the event of dissatisfaction with these requirements to begin work on creating new social and political republican movement "in support of Marxism-Leninism and the working people."