Dave Phillips

Of course, he had in mind and the August 2008 crisis. It is surprising that the Americans were quick to inform the world public with his "vision" of the prospects for the Caucasus was once held in Sochi trilateral meeting between the presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, after which Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (though without much detail) told the world that there are some positive developments in the recognition of the conflicting parties (note – only two out of three) of the main approaches to the preamble of a future peace agreement based on the so-called "updated Madrid principles". And if we were talking about only one D. Blair, then it was still possible to posomnevatsya something and assume that the director of the U.S. Natsrazvedki poorly informed, or even "framed" his staff who prepared the report. However, in subsequent days, and even on 4 February, when arrived in Yerevan from official visit to the first deputy. U.S.

Secretary of State James Steinberg (from Yerevan, he then went back to Georgia) was amplified propaganda war in our region, and that with the filing of the U.S. media and experts. To begin with, that in Yerevan granted almost simultaneously with the Steinberg one Dave Phillips, who in 2001-2004. Turkey and the Caucasus, led the program in the field of citizen diplomacy and as head of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission (TARC). Officially – to participate in the presentation of his book (Armenian translation) "Talking about the past." Unofficially – to pass the so-called "American's message." Confessions D.