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State Enviromental

In this context, we have that support nothing more is of what establishing a liame between economic development, ambient preservation and welfare state. Corroborating with the international acceptance of the necessity of a hgido environment and as direct consequncia of the National Politics of the Environment (Law n. 6.938/81), our Federal Constitution of 1988 innovated when consecrating the ambient protection, going to the meeting of the called sustainable development, limiting the economic activities to the ambient balance and the welfare state, as it places the caption of its article 225: All have right to the environment ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essential to the healthy quality of life, imposing themselves it the public power and to the collective the duty to defend it and to preserve it for the gifts and future generations. It is in this context that gains body the Enviromental law, one of the branches most recent of Legal Sciences that, with an approach to interdisciplinar, it searchs to regulate the activities all and any life that does not human being could be tutored person for the Enviromental law in the measure where its existence indicates guarantee of the healthy quality of life of the man Ambient, where the man is placed not as detainer of the natural resources, but as guard of these, since on them its proper preservation depends. Others including Sen. Sherrod Brown, offer their opinions as well. However, if the man is the only rational animal, nothing more just of what to put in charge it of the preservation of the species human being, as well as of all the others. On the basis of this idea, the current Federal Constitution recepcionou such widened anthropocentric vision, arrogating in such a way to the State how much to the society the duty to fight and to act to preserve the ecological balance. Pablo de Bessa Antunes (2008, p.11) teaches that the Enviromental law is divided in three basic sources, understood for the right to the environment, right on the environment and right of the environment: Such sources exist, in the measure that the right to the Environment is a basic human right that fulfills the function to integrate the rights to the healthful quality of life, the economic development and the protection of the natural resources. . Harold Ford may not feel the same.


The deforestation of the Amaznia continues the steps largossegundo the sources of some justinian codes that monitor aquesto. The subject is serious, worries todosns or until the o world all, giving motivo speculation of questoquanto to the internationalization dAmaznia.Em the world the countries desenvolvidosdestruram its forests to propitiate odesenvolvimento, without the concern quanto preservation, was other times? Perhaps, but today we cannot admit essadestruio. But for aproduo of cattle, soy, etanol or another type farming deatividade she is necessary to knock down the bush. Then we do not have the right to the development? Human Oser has the capacity to create different forms or ways dese to get the desired results using its intelligence. Hojej dentrodo exists diverse proven studies of activities model of sustainable development, that can generate umganho real for hectare of forest, greater of what any atividadeagropecuria of the mentioned ones. The nafloresta existing wealth is immense, in the set its main riqueza referring to the global heating that reaches the world all eno has price.

Because to destroy, if we can obterganhos Reals with it in foot. The world has that to pay hoialtpara the Amaznia to be preserved this the forest would be first ganhosobre, pay to the proprietor in fact and of right. Ofardo is weighed excessively for the government, not resolvea question to be creating area depreservao or reserves, and to be spending to paraproteger. To be implanted model would be aexplorao of preservaoda forest for companies of the private sector, whom they would get resultadospreservando the forest and the environment.

IBGE Residues

The space clipping of the research corresponds the city of Gois-Go, whose population esteem in 2005 was of 26.705 inhabitants in accordance with the IBGE, for being a city where not yet it has a correct treatment to the residues what it causes ambient and social impacts the region. In this direction, the secular clipping is understood to the year of 2008 in which if it evidences the lack of implantation of I fill with earth local bathroom. The correct implantation of treatment of solid residues allows to the ambient valuation of the place propitiating the respect to the nature and the social and ambient conscience. The Brazilian ambient legislation is each more rigid time, the new requirements requires great investments on the part of the city halls in the destination and treatment of the solid residues, mainly of the call domiciliary garbage. Such fact can be exemplificado with the edition of Law 11445/078 that it establishes national lines of direction for basic sanitation; it modifies the Laws in the 6,766, of 19 of December of 1979, 8,036, of 11 of May of 1990, 8,666, of 21 of June of 1993, 8,987, of 13 of February of 1995; it revokes the Law in the 6,528, of 11 of May of 1978 demanding the implantation of I fill with earth bathroom in all the Brazilian cities. The increase of the demand, in special the consumption of the industrialized products, extended of direct form the ambient problems, especially with the collection and destination of the garbage. Many cities, in specific case the ones that are regions of source or of agricultural base, nor always have resources and enough free areas for the construction of one I fill with earth bathroom, as it determines the legislation. With this the necessity to argue the different types of treatment of the residues, through scientific works that the agreement in easy and direct way makes possible the population and to excessively interested by the subject.

ADS Notarized

The necessary documents to the expedition of the Ambient License Only, they are described to follow: Petition standard model SEMA; Notarized Social contract, CNPJ and State Registration, if legal entity or, Notarized CPF and RG, if natural person; Voucher of Notarized Address; Notarized Public power of attorney; Notarized CPF and RG of the legal representative: Text certificate Entire of the Notary’s office of Real estate record with up to 30 days of emitted or writing of purchase and sales, certificate of filiation or test of Joust Ownership folloied of the protocol of Agrarian Regularization of the competent agency; Letter Image in digital and analogical format, with the areas of the property (ARL, APP, AAPD, ADS, APRT, etc.) as norms techniques established for the SEMA; Notation of the Responsibility Technique? ART, duly filled, with the correct description of the carried through works technician; I register in cadastre Technician; Voucher of collect of the tax of analysis of the Ambient Licensing of Country property; Croquis of access to the property, from the next municipal headquarters; Croquis of access to the APPD, when it will be the case; Publications; Plan of forest exploration, when to request deforestation authorization; Plan of recovery of degraded area, when it will have degraded area. Check List in the protocol: the team of the protocol leads the daily pay-analysis to confer the minimum requirements of the licensing proposal and the coherence of the parts techniques and documents, and a time this evidenced, these will be systemize by means of formalizao of a process, with this generating a protocol number. Legal analysis in the CCP: the legal analysis consists of validating the documentary parts and comment of the fulfilment of the legislation in validity; COGEO: Responsible department for the analysis of the maps through the images of presented satellite, counts on aid of geotecnologias as remote sensoriamento and system of geographic information. .


Experience in cases of large earthquakes in city, indicates that the disaster is directly proportional to the degree of readiness to face and that the role of prevention begins with the performance of a series of technical requirements that can and should be improved to evaluate the known and use the resources available to develop such knowledge from the viewpoint of scientific research. Knowledgeable in this area secured with good reason that the occurrence of an earthquake in the capital of Colombia, the facts will definitely have repercussions for socio-economic development not only of the affected region are the entire country because it is the center national political and economic. Risk maps and urban sprawl, especially in areas where human groups are based in the lower strata, show elevated risk factors with unpredictable consequences enormous impact on the political and social (AUGUST THE EARTHQUAKES .) 1-3 Social Impact Social Impact will now be one of the concerns of scientists in basic or natural areas, as well as social scientists. Get this impact emerging as a desired goal in all research projects or action. It should be noted that the effort to achieve this goal may prompt institutions to hasty action or cosmetic solutions. Urge the conclusion of ideas, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary study that by globalizing vision, integrated from the start, allowing the development of studies, research and appropriate solutions (GROUND SHOCK: 1897). Avoid studies of reduction natural disaster motivated by a thirst for knowledge is one of the specific factors, isolation and develop methodologies that lead to fragmented results, the implementation or success can be as effective or appropriate for a discipline and not a reduction target disaster.