Deputy Governor

JOSE DEL CARMEN RAMIREZ CUPITRA (Governor), AROC LOZANO STREET (Deputy Governor), GERMAN tickets (Secretary), YARA FIDEL CONDE (Treasurer), Marco Tulio Culm CONDE (Attorney), EUSEBIO YARA CONDE (Mayor) and JOSE ALEJANDRO CAPER Tique (Commissioner). According to the petitioner, on December 19, 1992 a meeting was held in the indigenous community of El Tambo Municipality Coyaima, in which it decided to expel him, with his family, for the alleged commission of the crime of theft. Their exclusion from the community was held – held – without evidentiary basis and without indigenous council directives would advance research in relation to any alleged facts. Similarly, based on rumors that none sustained – he said – was stripped of the plot allotted to him by the community of about two hectares, which was cassava, sugarcane, bananas, corn, lemons, passion fruit, mango and papaya. Indigenous council directive did not accept his proposal that the parcel be left to his youngest son, 16 years old, at which time he voluntarily leave the community.

Despite mediation by the Regional Indigenous Council of Tolima, CRIT – added – the indigenous council reiterated its decision to "expel" and "banished" along with his family, the community where he lived and labored for over 11 years, having known for being a true leader concerned about his welfare. 2. The orities considered the decision of the indigenous council of El Tambo violated their fundamental rights to due process, to work, to the honor and good name and life, and ignored the constitutional prohibition of punishment of exile, imprisonment and confiscation.