Personalities Throughout History

Cyn Aziz, Abu Mansur Al Aliy, known as Al-Hakim bi-Amrilla (x) "God's call of committing", "the ruling by the will of Allah", is one of the most interesting personalities in history. First of all, I note that until the middle of XI century. Fatimids stayed on top of a wave of economic prosperity. This is due to the following factors: unrest in southern Mesopotamia, the increasing instability in the Persian Gulf, the rise of trade with Egypt and Europe; religious tolerance (for Christians and Jews), the conclusion of peace with Byzantium, establishing authority over North Africa, Palestine, and part of Syria. During the reign of Abu Mansur Nizar al-Aziz Bill (975-996), the Fatimids were recruited into the army Berbers, blacks and Turks, as well as a small number of Arabs from bordering countries, but this attempt failed to achieve a balance, because competition undermines the rule of mercenaries of the caliph. Fatimid army was then of the two major competing groups: magribintsev (Berber), on the one hand, and the eastern "mashrikitov" (Turks and Persians) – on the other. Gradually, opposition grew. In the year 996, came to power Fatimid caliph third, al-Hakim, born of a Christian mother (her influence on the governor stressed by many historians).

During this period he was only 11 years old. Regent al-Hakim bylFutuh Bardzhavan. The coming to power was accompanied by al-Hakim bloody confrontation magribintsev and mashrikitov, ending a temporary victory magribintsev (Berber). In the early years of al-Hakim, the country's crisis began a political system.