Although we lived in was of science, our time is nourished – to weighing his, of myths, and as well as during centuries were said that we are animal rationals, with right equal we can say that the man is a mythical animal, that is to say, needs that them to be able to live. Thus, without myths of " progreso" or of " revolution " , the modern revolutions, nor the transformations would have occurred neither that from century XVIII, at sociopolitical, economic, religious and cultural level have shocked the planet. Amazon describes an additional similar source. The myth is a narrative form of specifically archaic character and that speaks of rase once, or of those old woman times. Malinowski sees in the myth, a symbolic expression, a form of primitive knowledge that tries to explain the experimental reality. For Eliade the myth is exemplary model not only of the order of the world, but especially of all the rites and all the essential activities of the man.

the myth is a derivation of the cult, and it express what once it happened essentially and still continues happening: the salvation event. For the primitive one, the happened fact long ago appears vividly like a real event that the past tolerates in itself all the essence communicated in. The myth speaks of the arquetpico and than it is valid at any time. A mythical form is inconceivable without a reference to a ritual, because thanks to this one, the present life projects to exemplary models of the primitive times . " The mythical universe is the own universe of the repetition; in him, the creation is conceived like a drama, the victory of the Gods on the powers of " comienzo" it is the conversion of the chaos in cosmos". Eliade. But as the victory is not safe, there is necessity of the repetition of the creative act through the rites, the celebrations, which prevents that it becomes to the chaos.