National Telecommunications Commission

In Venezuela are comes prepared a draft law that if approved it would become the bane of Internet users in that country. This project seeks to regulate content that Venezuelans can access to the Internet, i.e., the Venezuelan Government would dictate which pages would be suitable to be seen in Venezuela and which not. A draft media law which clearly seeks to censor uncomfortable pages for the Government in the case of internet, was presented in Parliament. Article 28 of this Act qualifies as prohibited content to all those messages which, according to the Government, incite, promote or justify crime, constitute propaganda of war, promote anxiety in the citizenry or disturb public order, unfamiliar with the legitimately constituted authorities, induce to homicide or that incite or promote breach of the existing legal system. The same article obliges Internet service providers to establish mechanisms that allow restrict, without delay, the dissemination of messages disclosed that subsuman in the prohibitions contained in this article when so requested by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel). Companies failing to comply with this standard could be sanctioned with fines of up to 4% of their gross income. However the legislator’s proposal stated that they do to protect the citizens. Intends to control the contents according to the schedule of the day, leaving access to adult content to after midnight.

I.e., generalized current control policies which have already imposed on radio, and television stations now for the Internet. Does anyone have idea how to control everything from Internet?. What a control task awaits them. Another disturbing fact is that they plan all connections to the Internet in that country, enter through a single point of access, monitored course by the Venezuelan Government through State telephone CANTV. This step Venezuela could be made so strict as Cuba and even China in terms of censorship of web sites.