Safe Shipping Of Electronic Components

Protection against ESD packaging Pliening. Who sent microprocessors, circuit boards or chips and stored, must protect them with special packaging. The ESD (electro static discharge) packaging prevent static electricity and get working the sensitive cargo. Ratioform has expanded the range of ESD packaging. Ratioform offers three different types of ESD bags for different protection needs and fields of application. Antistatic bag, which dissipate electrical charges on their surface are sufficient for most electronic components. You may want to visit Connecticut Senator to increase your knowledge. The electrically conductive bags offer more protection and maximum security for sensitive parts are there with the shielding Highshield bags, which emerge a Faraday cage around the content. Offers accessories for complete ESD packaging ratio form, this information can be found on.

The Tyvek desiccant bags absorb moisture and prevent damage during subsequent processing of electronic Construction elements. Moisture indicator placed in transparent bags inform the humidity inside the packaging by means of color change. And warning labels placed on indicate compliance with the ESD measures. Sealers provide the knowledgeable Cap. Get the complete ESD packaging available in various sizes without accessories. The Cortronic shipping box has a conductive shielding layer onto the corrugated board and can be lined with appropriate antistatic foam pads. The Cortronic chip container is a coated special box with a laminated electrically conductive floral foam.

ESD warning-annotations are printed on the packaging. Ratioform is number one in the mail order business for packaging in Germany for over 30 years and has more than 4,800 products to commercial customers in the offer. The ratio form under Web shop was awarded twice before online shop of the year for business customers. A printable image for download in the press room see: press / Ratioform Verpackungen GmbH Schlosser 1 85652 Pliening Tel. 089/99146-0 press contact: SCHOTT relations Hamburg GmbH Holger Werner Wrangelstr. 111 20253 Hamburg Tel 040 / 413270-33