Osirak, The Return

Much was speculated on on possible dates of the attack of the Hel Ha Avir (Air Force of Israel) against the Iranian nuclear installations. An attack of such spread is characterized by the factor surprise and dates and stated periods limits are mere speculative, exactly to each minute that passes the Islamic Republic of the Anger being more close to having its atomic bomb. The Hel Ha Avir already has experience in many combats throughout its existence and already it participated of an attack to a nuclear plant, in 1981 in Iraq. The success of that attack was, exactly, the unexpected one. What it counted very in favor of the Israelis was the fact of Iraq to only possess a nuclear plant, even because the other reactor that also had been acquired for the iraqis to train its scientists had been destroyed still packed before in an act of sabotage for the Mossad. They had more participated of the action against the reactor in Osirak eight F-16 each one using a ventral tank of 1.136 liters and two of 1.400 liters under the armed wings and with two air-air bombs MK 84 of 2.000 pounds and two missiles AIM-9 Sidewinder in the tips of the wings for self-defense.

The Israeli aggressors had had the escort of six air-air F-15 armed with missiles. The airplanes had flied very next to the ground, about 100m, during almost all the passage and in total electronic silence to diminish the possibilities to be detected for the Iraqian radars. The F-15 had given to covering the great altitude. To if approaching about 6 km of the plant the aggressors had gone up in double about 2.000m for after that carrying through a diving and launching its bombs that the target reached as planned. It did not have opposition of the Iraqian Air Force and same if its airplanes had reached the Israeli aggressors would not have many possibilities.