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It is in this article to see the true meaning of the Tower and Death in the pulling of tarot cards. They are two of the most dreaded letters from the consultants, however its meaning may be quite different. If there are two letters that cause very bad feeling when reading the letters are Death and the Tower. It is generally believed that the two mysteries, both upright and inverted, are very bad omen, but this is not true. We will see how to get revealed in the reading of letters, their meaning, according to each particular circumstance, may be very different from what most of the consultants think. There are two versions of the mystery of Death. Any of them who is employed in reading the letters in no way means that death is coming in the future of the consultant.

Making such a reading is being too simplistic, and totally lacking scientific rigor. In one version of the tarot, Death is seen as a Lord who progresses on a new town with his spirited white horse. What in fact is evidenced in when reading the letters out this secret is that a stage has definitely come to an end. From that moment a new order governed, and the same should be welcomed by the consultant, in the same way the bishop in the letter received with relief the new Lord, who finally put some order in the kingdom. Death is an inevitable stage in the life of any living being. From the humblest to the most powerful of mortals is subject to this rule equalizer. Death is what ultimately makes us all equal.

Resistance is in vain. The change has been launched, however the client likes it. But this new phase can be much better than the previous, more prosperous and beneficial. No resist is the secret to survival. In the words of the Bible, who loves his life will lose it. The Tower is another letter that is not very welcome in the reading of letters. He speaks of divine intervention, which comes as a wave, hit fast and hard, and there is nothing you can do about it. Not always mean the destruction of the Tower, in the sense of loss. Rather it is that what we have at the moment topple like a house of cards, giving rise to a new and fertile field which to build our homes again, perhaps with more humility. In short, this is the teaching of the tower, not pretentious, act with humility and accept our fate. It is the only way out of the trance in good standing.