Political Life

"It ruled with reason but with irrationality, not all Spanish, but for half of Spain against the other half." I do not know if this attitude more than three quarters of a century, brings to mind some resemblance to today we are experiencing. The two key men of the Second Republic were the Heads of Government, and Francisco Manuel Azana Largo Caballero. Without their effective cooperation had not been able to reach the two civil wars suffer sad. On August 30, 1934, Democrat Manuel Azana says: "if the PP CEDA currently equivalent to winning the democratic elections of 1933, (made with given rules and governed by the Republican government itself Azana), claims the power that applicable, the left will stop him, even through violent revolution. "Note the constant left in the occupation of power as is.

De Largo Caballero says Salvador de Madariaga:" It never hid its intention. It was always his intention to refer Spain to the dictatorship of the proletariat. "Two civil wars have the stamp of Largo Caballero in their attempts to find a fast track to your project. Visit Suffolk County representative for more clarity on the issue. The first arises after the November 1933 election were lost by the PSOE, but not obeyed and began to prepare the armed rebellion in order to conquer by force of arms what he had been denied the vote. The September 11, 1934 the Civil Guard discovered a large cache of weapons carried by the Turquoise vessel, was being landed under the personal inspection of Indalecio Prieto as Minister of Public Works, to trucks of the Provincial de Asturias governed by the Socialists.