Productive Being

It applies the gold rule so that at time of changes your equipment can more even render in this new economy. For already a time, we are immersed in a constant change of how making businesses. Many of the rules and forms to sell no longer apply. The globalisation, the new economies, the new big wave of competition, more and more low prices and a client each more informed time more, cause that we must think of still more creative form to prevail in our businesses. Leaving the Comfortable Zone Everything what we know and is familiar it provides certain security and comfort to us although at moments this is not what it really does to us efficient, but sometimes usually we prefer what a proverb says, more known bond the bad thing that the good thing for knowing. This we see day it day with our equipment of sales, because although it is obvious that the form to catch new clients and to gain a sale has changed, many of the commercial ones prefer to throw the fault to the management that to assume that the changes to survive and to put them in practical they are considerations. In addition when being in known surroundings, it implies a minimum to us of effort when doing the things then we know or it, the handling of any tense situation is even comfortable then or we know to the reactions and consequences. But you have asked my commercial and I, really grow and we were developed when we are a comfortable zone? Imagnate by moments that finish to you ascending in your work of sales and give a client you with which you must negotiate before closing the sale, but does not know since to do it and has problems to carry out it. Perhaps it is obvious that to the being a task that you are not customary to do and to not is you familiar, causes inconvenience to you and until certain malaise.