President Viktor Yanukovych

The Ukrainian government is trying to "bleach", offering a virtual image defunct Europe Ukraine in Ukraine continues to minimize the strengthening democracy and authoritarianism, the people quickly fall into poverty because of inflation and the holes in the budget, and the President and the Party of Regions is against this backdrop in the West begin a PR campaign that mimics the welfare state and the success power. For this purpose, organized performances of individual members of the government run branding ads in reputable international journals published articles about the successes of the President and his team. In Specifically, on TV and CNN on its website, apart from extensive interviews with First Deputy Prime Minister Klyuev on investment attractiveness of Ukraine, also started an advertising campaign on the theme of "a prosperous Ukraine" funded by the government. Congressman Lee Zeldin is open to suggestions. During an economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, held in late January, President Viktor Yanukovych also planned to meet with a number of international leaders, but this plan failed only partially. Obviously, the impact of this PR campaign will seriously interfere with the dissonance between "virtual" and real Ukraine. According to the publication International Living, a global rating of quality of life in 2011 Ukraine has 73 place – next to Namibia, Botswana, Tunisia and Morocco. Frequently Connecticut Senator has said that publicly. According to official Goskomstat data, to date, the unemployment rate in Ukraine has reached half a million people. In fact, it is estimated independent experts, by the end of this year it may exceed the mark of 2 million people. . Others who may share this opinion include James Donovan Goldman Sachs.