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New Buildings

New is scary pokupat.Pravitelstvo formed foundations to protect the rights of deceived depositors. Money returns a part of not only defrauded real estate investors, but also the participants of financial pyramid schemes such as mmm, and so dalee.Tak both protects the rights of investors. Although in my opinion inappropriate legislation applies to both the investors and builders. Details can be found by clicking Steve Rattner financier or emailing the administrator. In the U.S., for example, property taxes represent approximately 10% of the price real estate, and the price is not the bti, and the price of purchase sales. We do the same in all new buildings of Moscow, when a catastrophic shortage of housing, night lights burn only half of the windows, which suggests that at least half of the house purchased by investors who are not going to live in these apartments, and interpretation with the purpose of resale, speculation in real estate. So whom to defend, requires diferentsirovanny approach to determining the deceived dolschikov.Prava investors have been violated during the construction of 143 facilities in the Moscow region, half the problem is solved, said Minister of Construction of Moscow Region Eugene Seregin on the expanded board Ministry on Friday. 'In the Moscow region is 143 troubled facility, which violated the rights of citizens.

Of these, 73 solved the problem of defrauded investors', – the minister said, noting that was introduced in operation 70 houses. In other cases, the problem is solved, he added. According Seregina, the largest number of problem objects in Lyubertsy, Pushkin, Istra, district. Also in Domodedovo, , and Dolgoprudnom. 'A lot of noise around the Moscow region, because we are doing more than anyone else. We are working to solve the problem real estate investors. Regional government has instructed the heads of entities to submit a plan measures to address these problems' – said Seregin. According to the minister, frequently at home are not put into operation because of the controversy on several issues between management and developers. Problems defrauded investors are 51 municipality of Moscow region.

Tea Debts

Here's the hidden insidious and diabolical intent marketing "Someone", introducing us into the temptation of snobbery and vanity. Have insignia larger than the differences themselves – this is the very desire for the satisfaction of which we are willing to pay more than half the price. Of all the arts important to us is the "Seem". A "be" us "is not enough will! ", and two points above the" E "- is not enough! Two points everyone has. And we – not everyone.

We have – incomparable, unique, naiprevoshodneyshie. We have three points, when all the two, the soul of something and sell it. And much more willing to pay additional money. And if not money – credit shall find on the thing will not spoil! Such is the analysis It turns out the car, then we have enough money. But not enough to pay for their own snobbery and vanity. Not enough to pay for inadequate self-esteem.

But it is not deadly, with outstanding self-esteem to live, not tea debts of rent. Experience is finished. Conclusions are drawn. It is time to restore order on the table. Cutting paper, depicting unnecessary money given to children for drawing, and in fact money, in fact – colored paper. And if you cut his fifteen cash "dolls" out of toilet paper, return them to the grand Dr. Puppet Sciences Carabas-Barabas back into the toilet, because there they were present place, and let it out there, they relate to the secret thoughts back to your ridiculous self. Such an romantic encounter between two characters at the waterfall. Now replace all the text the word "car" to "House", "home" to "Furniture suite "or" a set of saucepans, to "a pack of cigarettes, on anything. Reasoning remains valid. Because it is the law of marketing. And if its beauty will penetrate your heart oh, my brothers! – That you then dishes Zepter! You are arrogant prefer different pot boiler and mechanical plant from the city of Elektrostal. And never, no snobby bullshit does not offend you. And never Faberge eggs will not close your horizon genuine consumer culture. Fashion trash can cost a fabulously expensive (example: a greasy cravat had died of heroin lead singer of the group Hell with imprints of lipstick). And the excellent things (clean air, parks, intelligent conversation, true love) can be absolutely free of charge, gratis. Anyway, the price varies depending on the quality of the goods to a much lesser extent than depending on other psychoanalytic reasons. I tried to talk about them. Sergey Alexeev

Credit Cards Mean Freedom

A credit card is an essential item to almost everyone today because through such a card you can acquire a very high level of financial freedom and also gain a certain degree of security through which you can simply feel more comfortable. With a credit card in your pocket you have to not worry when something expensive breaks and an unexpected issue is coming up, you have to worry if it is financially once more narrow and abroad, you may see with to provide cash, whenever you need some. However, the reluctance of the costs that may arise from such a card. If we make it right but you have to do is these things do not worry, because many banks now offer a free credit card, which can be secured. you have to pay for such fees and no monthly pay in nothing, but only the interest payable and the rates, everything else is free.

So you can secure maximum benefits with minimum financial outlay, which of course, the optimum is. What you forget but can not is that not every free credit card is also ideal for everyone, for even here the exact conditions and benefits of banks differ sometimes very greatly, which of course you must consider when the best choice want to take for themselves. Here it is important to take time and compare what is really an appropriate computer makes no effort and done within a few minutes, especially if one knows its own wants and needs and therefore we know exactly on what we all must respect if you do the comparisons. Also, special benefits are of course a point that we must consider, because many banks also offer special discounts and more.

Is There A Solution For The High Debt ?

In the past two years, Spain has experienced a cyclical change with respect to the financial system and especially concerning the mortgage. We have thus seen that the borrowing family has become oppressive, as the level of financial expenditure has reduced the budget, so we find that the revenues no longer cover our total financial liability. This is because the value of the house every year has increased, allowing more loans could apply either to reform the house, buy car or vacation destination. When the Euribor began its climb upward, the fees were increased in a high percentage, significantly affecting the solvency of the families. How can we solve this situation? First, negotiate with the bank through a notation or supererogation of the mortgage, increasing the amortization period or improving the conditions of the loan. Another tool to use is the foreclosure moratorium from ICO, aimed at those who are unemployed, allowing differ 500 euros monthly mortgage payment. We may also make use of a total restructuring of all our debts: the short and long term. The idea is to form a new mortgage, canceling all previous loans and pay one fee.

If we increase the repayment period and become short-term debt with high interest long-term debt with mortgage interest, indexed to Euribor, which is currently less than 1.90% per year, will achieve a substantial reduction in the monthly fee. Advantages and disadvantages of doing a reunification of debts, but we believe that in these times of crisis, the most important thing is to ensure our home and we can comfortably meet our financial commitments. To delve into these topics, visit our website. Roquett Edgar’s financial advisor, providing solutions to those families who are heavily indebted. Visit their website: