Saint Andres Celso Daniel

It is necessary attention always and to ask can until offending in some cases, but she is necessary. Days of these, an attorney general spoke on the jury of the murder of mayor of Saint Andres Celso Daniel and said that he had project of retraction of mount of money for a party. Nobody asked, and it was surrounded by journalists, which tests it had on the fact? If the promoter had test would be substance, if he did not have test also would be news article reason. one day in TV interviews, with an experienced journalist speaking with generals of the hard line of the Military dictatorship? A question would not fit as, ' ' what Sir is finding of the government Squid? ' ' Certain time, a secretary of SP security left to escape, in the space between lineses, that policy had ' ' corts' ' for noble areas and of ' ' guerra' ' for peripheries and the interviewer, one of most famous of the country, nor questioned this. Ah, for the TV interviewers also he would give the tip to place, exactly that alternatingly, generator of characters with name and what he makes the interviewed one, exactly that he is most famous of the world, therefore does not have, at least human being, in the whole world that knows all the people. Finishing this tip, an interviewer can get delicious histories when interviewing (who knows) a player or musician not so famous and the same to cite, for example, that he played with or against Skin, was partner of beginning of career of some now famous singer. Of the one to get information on situations not explored, a compliment received, a play of effect on craque, a esportiva attitude during a lack in the game. will have chance to interview the cited celebrity is possible to ask on such facts.