Commission Arruda

In such a way thus it is (referring to the obedience to the leader of them), that in the lamentable case of Jose Ribamar Blacksmith of Arajo Coast, the control of the man of Garanhuns, not even the plenary assembly was taken the case to be appreciated by all the senators. Immediate, the president of the Commission of ‘ ‘ tica’ ‘ of the Senate it filed it, acting as if we were not in a democracy. Referring to this new ‘ ‘ caso’ ‘ Arruda, the images all that had been transmitted world measures is dense and of immediate symbology, important in translating, without necessity of the use of words, the universe of the reinante corruption in the Brasil.Falam, yes, in contrast of what the president erroneamente imagines, therefore informs needs visually and what indeed it occurred. The images for all sights have dynamic content.Any that is the words of Arruda to defend itself, will not have the power to destroy the force visual of the recorded images, therefore they reflect the truth, what effectively it occurs They show all to receive gratuities, some acolocar money mallets in unusual places. If it was – for nonsense – for (sic) ‘ ‘ to buy panetones’ ‘ (fact that nobody believes, for surreal), the money would be carried from normal form and not they had made as it.One more time, then, between as much and as much others, Squid lost gold chance to remain itself been silent. No matter how hard if it strengthens to save Arruda, as it made with Sarney, its son, the aloprados ones (all never saram of its conviviality governmental-partisan).

Exactly that in the Arruda case also it has success, its credibility already more does not exist.On the other hand, no matter how hard Arruda swears, no matter how hard it speaks, will not pass of faded lies to save itself. By the way, it is what it indicates to want the government, therefore Arruda threatened (as Daniel Dantas threatened, remember, reading gentlemen) WHO THREAT HAS HIDDEN LETTERS Daniel Dantas arrived to say that (sic) ‘ ‘ he would go to open the mouth, to count tudo’ ‘). Was guilty considered it? For where he walks now with its millions? He happens that efforts already are being envidados to save Arruda, and are muitssimo strong. I remember, for opportune and fitting as an old glove to case, two anexins Chinese: ‘ ‘ In the fall of a tree, the monkeys if exhaust ‘ ‘ that is: each one for itself. ‘ ‘ A spark can start a fire that will be able to come to burn a forest inteira’ ‘ Perhaps If Arruda to open the mouth, the monkeys if exhaust and the forest all catches fire, putting for land the plans of Squid, explicitados so well in the articleof Cesar Benjamim : ‘ ‘ The children of Brazil. Why now?