Saint Maria

After deceased, still she continued being esquartejada for the carrascos with its eager eyes for the profit that would be vendendo its wood as firewood. They had been without house the pardais, the pombinhos, well-you-vile and the other birds and insects that way made its nests or its stops. Also we will not see more the wise person-laranjeira who that way sang all the mornings, therefore it it will go to search other trees distant where can sing freely. Also it was a sad emptiness in that space, fact that evidently, a desarmonizao will cause that will go to reflect itself initially in that they are next and later it will be radiated all for the universe. Read additional details here: Richard Blumenthal. Such attitudes, despite isolated, already are causing terrible answers of the nature and tend if to aggravate.

The beings (DES) human still will pay a much more high price for everything what they are making with the other beings livings creature in case that they do not learn fast to coexist in harmony them. After all, that the projects and the houses are changed, but if they preserve the other beings livings creature. To the times still those barulhos of death retumbam inside of me. They sound in my soul as if it was a ttrico rquiem where the marking is made by axe strokes and the mrbida melody is executed with the sound of mountain ranges and brandir of machetes. Good bye tree. Your death leaves the planet a little more barren and sadder. The emptiness of the space that you occupied, also it was installed inside of my heart and never more it will be filled. Jorge Andres Irion Jobim. Lawyer of Saint Maria,