South Ossetia

According to previous reportedly said of the five citizens. In the Georgian capital came to 27 after the European Union, on the spot to learn about the situation and understand whether there are substantial grounds for further aggravation of the situation in the zone conflict. Briefly, we note that these trips, as life has shown, are almost useless in terms of real impact on the situation. Nevertheless, after the bloody battle of August the European politicians, by their activity, try to be more attentive to what is happening in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict events. In Tbilisi, was in those days and EU Special Representative for South Caucasus Peter Semneby.

And he and the ambassadors returned after a two day stay in Brussels, where he is expected to be worked out concrete measures. It is unclear just one thing: how to secure the release of the hostages if the Ossetian side raises condition the release of captured earlier Ossetian and Georgian – the fact of such seizure, as mentioned above, has denied categorically. To install adjacent to South Ossetia under international control, which would help continue to avoid kidnapping cases (although hard to believe that crimes will oppose all "controlled space"), the Georgian side demands the EU to send observers, and the organization no objection. Tskhinvali administration strongly opposes such a move, arguing that international institutions there is nothing to do, as long as they adhere to "pro-Georgian position." The Georgian leadership, of course just trying to draw international attention to the territorial problem, or, better yet, increase the interest of the West to support Georgia's interests. And seeking to use this every opportunity. Suffice it to say about the film, which Hollywood takes on the scenario of last year's war in South Ossetia. Opposition leaders, including former Speaker of Parliament Nino Burjanadze expressed outrage, saying that the film involving Andy Garcia plays the role of President Mikheil Saakashvili, removed the funds allocated from the budget of Georgia.

That is about $ 200 million … Hollywood tape is designed to, like, to reflect the events of August, in all their tragedy, however, according to some reports, the film inevitably highlight and "strange" Georgia's political regime, as against the background of the main conclusions of the European Union Commission on the causes of war art paintings reliability, even if its relative conventionality seems largely uncertain. Well, the infamous PR is present in everything, including a massive collision with diplomats in Tbilisi. And here I want to say about it: Caucasian traditions do not deserve that our problems are solved for us overseas officials. But what can you do if so ordered by life itself, directed by incompetent politicians …