Robert Gates

The decision made in Iran at the state level. So that Moussaoui, as if ethnic Azeris, Kurds, whether, if the Baluch, and finally (and why not?) Armenian, etc. – Simply would not have had any right to himself to change this level decisions related to the higher national interests of their country. But the fact re-elected president of Iran M. Ahmadinejad a second term also means a lot more, it is not associated with the Iranian-Azerbaijani nor the Iranian-Armenian relations. To begin with, on the eve of the election (June 9), the Americans decided to surprise the world. A different application can only be regarded Pentagon chief Robert Gates that the de "Russia has recognized his mistake," and seems to be "turned toward us" (ie the Americans).

Speaking before the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, he also said that the issues placement of U.S. radar or centers for data exchanges in Russia appear as possible options, discussion of which is currently under way between Washington and Moscow. According to the head of the Pentagon, prospects for cooperation between the U.S. and Russia on missile defense (NMD) is somewhat "improved." According to the Associated Press, the reason for this "improvement" Gates called the "fear of Moscow because of the increasing threat from Iran ". "The fact that the Russian came back to us and recognized us right on the possible threat posed by Iran, they admitted they were wrong on this point" – Gates said. However, he told the senators, some details of his meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.