New Buildings

New is scary pokupat.Pravitelstvo formed foundations to protect the rights of deceived depositors. Money returns a part of not only defrauded real estate investors, but also the participants of financial pyramid schemes such as mmm, and so dalee.Tak both protects the rights of investors. Although in my opinion inappropriate legislation applies to both the investors and builders. In the U.S., for example, property taxes represent approximately 10% of the price real estate, and the price is not the bti, and the price of purchase sales. We do the same in all new buildings of Moscow, when a catastrophic shortage of housing, night lights burn only half of the windows, which suggests that at least half of the house purchased by investors who are not going to live in these apartments, and interpretation with the purpose of resale, speculation in real estate. So whom to defend, requires diferentsirovanny approach to determining the deceived dolschikov.Prava investors have been violated during the construction of 143 facilities in the Moscow region, half the problem is solved, said Minister of Construction of Moscow Region Eugene Seregin on the expanded board Ministry on Friday. 'In the Moscow region is 143 troubled facility, which violated the rights of citizens.

Of these, 73 solved the problem of defrauded investors', – the minister said, noting that was introduced in operation 70 houses. In other cases, the problem is solved, he added. According Seregina, the largest number of problem objects in Lyubertsy, Pushkin, Istra, district. Also in Domodedovo, , and Dolgoprudnom. 'A lot of noise around the Moscow region, because we are doing more than anyone else. We are working to solve the problem real estate investors. Regional government has instructed the heads of entities to submit a plan measures to address these problems' – said Seregin. According to the minister, frequently at home are not put into operation because of the controversy on several issues between management and developers. Problems defrauded investors are 51 municipality of Moscow region.