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The Congress Endorses ‘ Decree Anticrisis’ Of Work With The Agreed Abstention From The PP

" The new contract is the best formative contract than we have had nunca" , the Secretary of Labor is dndido in the debate, Valeriano Go’mez. The decree law also contemplates the temporary suppression of the obligation to make the workers fixed who chain temporary contracts during two years. CiU also has decided to abstain, in spite of the critics; result of the voting in the chamber: 166 votes to favor, 15 against and 157 abstentions. The Congress of the Deputies has approved, with the abstention, among others, of the Popular Party, the last labor reform of the Government; the result of the voting has been: 166 votes to favor, 15 against and 157 abstentions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. The decree anticrisis, that is dndido once again the Secretary of Labor, Valeriano Go’mez, includes two measures ' estrella': of formation for temporary suppression and the contract people up to 30 years of the obligation to make the workers fixed who chain temporary contracts during two years. Work was put in contact with popular the past the weekend to request his to them support to the decree, warning to them that if did not tell on its votes, would be forced to yield before the nationalists and to give to priority to the autonomic agreements, a promise that the Executive made to GNP to be guaranteed his abstention when the collective negotiation was approved. The abstention from has prevented it to the PP, something that, according to the spokeswoman Soraya Senz de Santamara before admitted hours, have been thankful for to his party union forces. " The new contract is the best formative contract than we have had nunca" , it has assured Go’mez during the debate confirmation these urgent measures in the chamber. The minister has made a call to the industralists so that they use the new contract of formation because its cost to the Social Security is zero and because thus they would demonstrate his commitment to restrain the high youthful unemployment.

Europe Championship

Second victory of sub' 21 in the classification for the Championship of Europe that will be celebrated in Israel. Georgia did not give facilities, but the Spaniards prevailed. Two goals of Sergio Channels, one of them of penalti, served to the Spanish selection sub' 21 to unblock the second divided of the phase of classification for the Championship of Europe before Georgia (2-0), that arrived at Lugo with the learned lesson from the made goals one that had had been four days before. Spain did not have the facilities nor the success of the first encounter of the phase, but it dominated of principle to aim, it threw of office, the diabluras of Iker Muniain in the first part and the insistence of Channels throughout all the party and obtained the triumph. Continue to learn more with: Amazon. Georgia left to the turf with the learned lesson of the first encounter, in which it fitted two goals in the initial minutes and five more throughout the shock (2-7), and in Lugo reinforced the center of the field with five soccer players to try to contain the Spaniards. The Georgian prevented the game of ' rojita' in wide parcel, but could not avoid the first warning of those of Luis Mile, a counterstroke to the eleven minutes that was born from the hands of the captain Of Gea, continued with the speed of Muniain and was culminated by Channels with a firing that left to him outside. In order abrir the party, the best weapon of the Spaniards was the soltura, the overflowing and the rapidity of Muniain, that appeared again to the 16 minutes, was joined by Ioselani and Tarkhnishvili in the area and caused penalti that transformed Channels to advance to the selection. Georgia did not want to take one made goals as the one of Thursday in Kutaisi and the goal did not alter its plans, maintained the pressure and held the 1-0 to the rest with the interventions of Makaridze, that by hand saved a hand with Rodrigo, a firing of Channels from the frontal, and an attempt of petroleum jelly of the midfield player of the Real Illarramendi Society.

Melilla Councilmen

The second voted political force more, with 4 benches, has been the coalition Mackerels. The PSOE happens of 2 to 3 benches with near 600 votes more. – Independent City of Melilla. The PP has obtained the absolute majority with 15 deputies, reason why Juan Jose Imbroda will follow like autonomic president, position that occupies from the year 2000. The PSOE, whose candidacy is headed by Dionisio Muoz, is lost the greater number of deputies from the previous call, and it remains with two, whereas CPM increases their representation until the six benches. Municipal elections Seville and Barcelona have become the symbol of the collapse of the PSOE in the province capitals, a map del that practically disappears in favor of the PP. In the hope of the postelectoral pacts, the Socialists could lose 15 of the 23 mayorships that maintained until now. To read more click here: Jim Donovan Goldman.

Cities like Getafe, Elche, Girona or Reus, also have given an upset. It has been in the Genoa street of Madrid where the PP has celebrated their victory. There was also Alberto Ruiz Gallardn, reelected with absolute majority, although there are lost three councilmen with the entrance of UPyD in the town hall. The municipal elections of the Community of Madrid have been for the popular ones with a 48.17% of the votes (1.447.835 suffrages); the PSOE, on the other hand, has remained with 24.13% of the votes (725.306). IU obtains 324,772 votes (10.81%) and UpyD 208,257 (6.93%).

Tie Industralist

The halting took place at the request of the Office of the public prosecutor of the National Hearing. It is accused of a crime of money laundering and obtaining of bottoms. In the operation it has been stopped a son his and his mandator. The National Police has stopped in the Moral (Madrid) to the industralist Husein Salem, tie to the Egyptian ex-president Hosni Mubarak and defendant of a crime of money laundering related to the obtaining of bottoms as much in Spain as in the North African country. Thus there are legal informadoefuentes, that have indicated that the halting of Salem, that has Spanish nationality, took place at the request of the Office of the public prosecutor of the National Hearing, that ten days ago abri to investigation diligences on the activities of the industralist in Spain as a result of an alert ctuada by the Police. Besides asking for its arrest, the Public Ministry requested several orders of entrance and registry that have allowed to seize 33 million Euros ” of origin ilegal” in banking accounts and a ten of buildings located in Moral and the Coast of Under ls valued in other seven or eight million Euros. On the prisoner an international order of arrest freed by the Egyptian authorities by a crime weighed swindles, but it has Spanish nationality and it has been stopped by the crimes presumably committed in national territory. Husein Salem, whose halting was carried out before the indications that it was going to have the money that has been taken part, will happen in the next days to judicial disposition in the National Hearing.

In the operation developed by the National Police other two people have been stopped: a son of Salem and his mandator in Spain, that presumably the money obtained illegally in Egypt canalized. In that country, Salem is accused to facilitate to Mubarak and its children a palace with a great surface and four mansions in the tourist city of Sharm the Sheij to a smaller price of the real one in exchange for influence peddling. Supposedly Salem gave those properties to the agent chief executive in exchange for lands of the State in the province of the south of the Sina in very exclusive zones of Sharm Sheij.