Tie Industralist

The halting took place at the request of the Office of the public prosecutor of the National Hearing. It is accused of a crime of money laundering and obtaining of bottoms. In the operation it has been stopped a son his and his mandator. The National Police has stopped in the Moral (Madrid) to the industralist Husein Salem, tie to the Egyptian ex-president Hosni Mubarak and defendant of a crime of money laundering related to the obtaining of bottoms as much in Spain as in the North African country. Thus there are legal informadoefuentes, that have indicated that the halting of Salem, that has Spanish nationality, took place at the request of the Office of the public prosecutor of the National Hearing, that ten days ago abri to investigation diligences on the activities of the industralist in Spain as a result of an alert ctuada by the Police. Besides asking for its arrest, the Public Ministry requested several orders of entrance and registry that have allowed to seize 33 million Euros ” of origin ilegal” in banking accounts and a ten of buildings located in Moral and the Coast of Under ls valued in other seven or eight million Euros. On the prisoner an international order of arrest freed by the Egyptian authorities by a crime weighed swindles, but it has Spanish nationality and it has been stopped by the crimes presumably committed in national territory. Husein Salem, whose halting was carried out before the indications that it was going to have the money that has been taken part, will happen in the next days to judicial disposition in the National Hearing.

In the operation developed by the National Police other two people have been stopped: a son of Salem and his mandator in Spain, that presumably the money obtained illegally in Egypt canalized. In that country, Salem is accused to facilitate to Mubarak and its children a palace with a great surface and four mansions in the tourist city of Sharm the Sheij to a smaller price of the real one in exchange for influence peddling. Supposedly Salem gave those properties to the agent chief executive in exchange for lands of the State in the province of the south of the Sina in very exclusive zones of Sharm Sheij.