United Nations

The theories that defend the universalismo of the human rights if oppose to the cultural relativismo, that affirms the validity of all the cultural systems and the impossibility of any valuation absolute since a external landmark, that in this in case that they would be the universal human rights. The Organization of the African Unit proclaimed in 1981 the African Letter of Human Rights and Peoples 1, that recogia principles of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of 1948 and added others that traditionally if they had denied in Africa, as the right of free determination or the duty of the States to eliminate all the forms of foreign economic exploration. Later, the African States that had waked up the Declaration of Tnez, in 6 of November of 1992, had affirmed that if it cannot prescribe a definitive model the universal level, since the historical and cultural realities of each nation and the traditions cannot be dis entailed, norms and values of each people. In a similar line if they pronounce the Declaration of Bangkok, emitted for Asian countries in 23 of April of 1993, and Cairo, firmed for the Organization of the Islamic Conference in 5 of August of 1990.

Tamma the vision occidental person-capitalist of human rights, centered in the civil laws and politicians, if opposed a little during the Cold War, detaching in the seio of United Nations, to the one of the socialist block, that privileged the economic laws, social and cultural and the satisfaction of the elementais necessities. Historical evolution of the Concept of Humanos.Muitos Rights philosophers and historians of the Right considers that if it cannot say of human rights until modernity in the Ocidente.A existence of the subjective rights, such and as if they think about the present time, will be debate object during centuries XVI, XVII and XVIII, what it is excellent because habitually it says that the human rights are product of the gradual affirmation of the individuality and that, in accordance with it, the idea of rights of the man appeared for primera time during the bourgeois fight against the system of the Old Regimen.