State Enviromental

In this context, we have that support nothing more is of what establishing a liame between economic development, ambient preservation and welfare state. Corroborating with the international acceptance of the necessity of a hgido environment and as direct consequncia of the National Politics of the Environment (Law n. 6.938/81), our Federal Constitution of 1988 innovated when consecrating the ambient protection, going to the meeting of the called sustainable development, limiting the economic activities to the ambient balance and the welfare state, as it places the caption of its article 225: All have right to the environment ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essential to the healthy quality of life, imposing themselves it the public power and to the collective the duty to defend it and to preserve it for the gifts and future generations. It is in this context that gains body the Enviromental law, one of the branches most recent of Legal Sciences that, with an approach to interdisciplinar, it searchs to regulate the activities all and any life that does not human being could be tutored person for the Enviromental law in the measure where its existence indicates guarantee of the healthy quality of life of the man Ambient, where the man is placed not as detainer of the natural resources, but as guard of these, since on them its proper preservation depends. Others including Sen. Sherrod Brown, offer their opinions as well. However, if the man is the only rational animal, nothing more just of what to put in charge it of the preservation of the species human being, as well as of all the others. On the basis of this idea, the current Federal Constitution recepcionou such widened anthropocentric vision, arrogating in such a way to the State how much to the society the duty to fight and to act to preserve the ecological balance. Pablo de Bessa Antunes (2008, p.11) teaches that the Enviromental law is divided in three basic sources, understood for the right to the environment, right on the environment and right of the environment: Such sources exist, in the measure that the right to the Environment is a basic human right that fulfills the function to integrate the rights to the healthful quality of life, the economic development and the protection of the natural resources. .